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Wembley Stadium


The ECB Cold Salt Spa
Designed on practical experience and the scientific findings of ice baths and cryotherapy, to produce a state of the art professional tool, which is an asset
to any athlete. ECB were the first manufacturers of the temperature controlled ice bath and remain market leaders in cold spa hydrotherapy. So why is the ECB Cold Spa so effective?

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As ECB become recognised as market leaders in Ice Bath therapy they are named the official suppliers to The FA's latest venture, St Georges Park....
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ECB Chemicals and Products
ECB is pleased to offer customers products and all sundries relating to each product line. We are also happy to supply any other pool and spa chemicals at less than competitor's prices.
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Cold Spa Availability and Packages
Take a look at our unique spa service which includes full back up from ECB and our stock of new and reconditioned Spas.
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ECB, Founded in 2001, started out by making and operating Cold Spas for horses. The use of cold salt hydrotherapy in the equine world was not a new one - trainers have used cold hosing, stood horses in rivers and walked them in the sea for hundreds of years with remarkable results. ECB manufactured a unit that could be easily installed in yards and give trainers easy access to cold salt hydrotherapy.

ECB began to hear of stories of people using the horse spas. In one case where the spa had been installed in an equine rehabilitation yard the owner was treating up to 500 people a week. The interest in the benefits for humans using Cold Spas has been phenomenal. Sports teams began to take an interest and add Cold Spas to their facilities. These include the prestigious Welsh Rugby Team, Aston Villa and Northampton Saints. From this ECB saw a need for a small ice bath that could be easily installed and used without the need for continuous water changing or large quantities of ice and also giving the option of adding salt in to the water.

ECB are now market leaders in the supply of Cold Salt Hydrotherapy solutions to both the equine and athletic industries.

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