Aston Villa FC is delighted to recommend ECB Cold Spa.

Ice baths have become one of the most common ways of recovering after intense football sessions and matches. Most sportsmen and especifically our players at Aston Villa agree that they feel benefits in terms DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and improved recovery rates.

The use of cold water immersion is justified by the theory that hard physical activity and especially contact causes microscopic muscle damage and swelling. Cold water and ice shut down the superficial blood vessels and the blood is diverted to the deeper positioned muscles. Our programmeinvolves 10 min cold with a 2 min hot water immersion which has a “flushing out” effect upon the muscles.

As a fitness coach my role is to find as many ways as possible to “get the edge” over our opponents. Using ice baths are certainly not new, but without doubt we believe strongly that ECB Cold Spa offer probably the best product for this type of session.
— Jim Henry, First Team Head of Strength & Conditioning, Aston Villa FC
Wanting more than just a product, we assessed a number of suppliers in the market. With their attention to detail and research ethos, we took the decision to install the ECB ColdSpa at both Wembley and St Georges Park as it best suited our recovery needs. We are happy to join a growing number of Premier league clubs who have done the same.
— Gary Lewin, The FA
We cater for a number of sports disciplines at Prime HP and the ECB ColdSpa is ideally suited to the various recovery modalities we use from individual athletes to team sports. We are also proud to be the first in the country to have a dedicated recovery bath area and of all the solutions we explored ColdSpa best met our needs.
— Dr Craig Roberts - Prime Human Performance / Springbok Team Physician
During Tournament’s we use the ECB Cold Spa. It is used as an integral part of our training and recovery program. It is difficult to quantify the benefits the system provides but the facts are that the players request to use it on a more regular basis as the tournament’s progress. They feel it decreases the soreness and fatigue they feel post – game and training.

It is a convenient system to use, easy to operate and maintain (especially in comparison to filling baths with bags of ice!) and offers a high degree of control in terms of the temperature of operation, the depth to which players require submersion and degree of agitation of the water. The spa has become a vital part of our preparation which we intend to use as part of our on-going preparation
— Mark Bennett BSc Hons, Former National Conditioning Coach for the Welsh International Rugby Team.
I would not hesitate in recommending the ECB Cold Spa as a product. At Fulham we have been using the spa for over six months and have had excellent results. The Sports Medicine and Exercise Science team have all seen the benefits of using the spa as part of a controlled training regime and we see it as an excellent recovery aid. We have also been very happy with the level of customer service we have received from all the team at ECB and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.
— Martin O'Connell, Physiotherapist - Fulham FC.
The ECB Spa is now a vital integral part of our training and recovery process. The players definitely feel it helps after intense training sessions.
— Tim Exeter, Coaching Staff for the Northampton Saints Rugby Club. The Saints had their spa installed July 2006.
I found after using the cold spa it has been a huge benefit to me to help me through injury and in helping prepare me properly for a big match in extra quick time
— Steven McDonnell, All Ireland winner and National League Winner, Ireland
Its highly recommended not only for recovery of injuries but also to be used to freshen up the legs.
— Niall Ronan, Munster Rugby Player, Ireland
I’ve been using the Cold Spa for recovery and prevention of injuries with huge’s brilliant!
— Brian Calvery, All Ireland BU21 Hurling Medalist, Ireland